Shinta Dhanuwardoyo, World•Class Player

10 August 2015, by Media, August 10th 2015-Her   success   to   established   a   web   development company and the Internet since 1996 with the name, does not make Shinta Dhanuwardoyo satisfied with it. In 2011, she began to hold IDBYTE, which is a regular event held as a form of concern for the digital startup in Indonesia. "Now it's time for us to become world-class players in digital technology. For that,  education  is  indispensable  so  that  we  are  not beaten continuously by technology from abroad," said Shinta on the sidelines of a discussion with the media about IDSYTE 2015(5/8). Shinta hope that can also be a world class player, where the clients are not  only from Indonesia. currently handles more than 300 clients and has had 60 employees. also been awarded as Asia's Top 100 most innovative companies from Red Herring and won Red Herring  Asia  Awards  and  the  Global  Red  Herring Awards.

Journalist: Putri Wahyuni