An Interview with Willson Cuaca
26 November 2015, by Media

Interviewee : Willson Cuaca, Co-Founder & Managing Partner of East VenturesIndonesia's Opportunities as a Mobile First CountryAs we all know, Indonesia’s startup scene is on the rise, especially in this past couple of years. We see many successful startups dominating…(Read more...)

Bukalapak’s Investment Journey to Success
24 November 2015, by Media

Interviewee : Achmad Zaky, CEO1. With e-commerce gaining popularity and increasingly becomes a saturated market, what are the challenges for Bukalapak and how will you overcome that?  What makes you different from other marketplace?Indonesia is not yet a saturated market for e-commerce…(Read more...)

Shinta Dhanuwardoyo, World•Class Player
10 August 2015, by Media, August 10th 2015-Her   success   to   established   a   web   development company and the Internet since 1996 with the name, does not make Shinta Dhanuwardoyo satisfied with it. In 2011, she began to hold IDBYTE, which is a regular event…(Read more...)

Push the Limits, Go Global
06 August 2015, by Media, August 6th 2015-Indonesia's startups need to find a way to better position themselves in the market through more local economy-based innovation and going beyond borders, a number of startup enthusiasts have said. In an effort to link local startups…(Read more...)

IDByte Hunt for the Next Big Thing
06 August 2015, by Media, August 6th 2015-Homegrown web development and digital advertising firm is set to hold the third IDSyte conference in Jakarta next month, in search of Indonesia's next rising star in the local start-up scene. "The rapid growth of the…(Read more...)